As you know, we've been running a poll to find out which LJN member has made an outstanding contribution to LJN during 2011.

Gary Rees-Keeble and Rowly Hill have emerged as potential members' champion but working out a straight winner has been hard to call.

Despite my best efforts and endless re-counts, I cannot pick a straight winner so I'm going to throw this back out to members.

To be fair to both Rowly and Gary (and me:) this should be decided by a head-to-head vote off.

Please get involved

Whilst this competition is a bit of fun it aims also to genuinely recognise people who have given their time and shared their knowledge with other members throughout the year.

Rules: One member, one vote: it's either one or the other. Any member voting twice or putting both names because they can't decide, will have their vote discounted.

The voting will close at 7pm (GMT) on the 03 January 2012.

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It's tough but to be fair I'll stick to my original vote - Rowly.

I am going for Rowly!

Not saying this to be arguementative or negative but...
Surely the winner is the member with the most votes on the original thread. Dont understand why after endless recounts there is no member with the most votes !!!!??? A closing date notice thread would have been a better option. IMHO. A second run on this is diluting the competitions standing, not to mention the members votes. If Rowley has the most votes he wins, if Gary has it, he wins. Honestley cant see the need to re-vote, so I wont be, Ive already voted and given my reasons.



Spot on Paul, too many members being "polite". I know lots of members have been equally helped by the few, but Phil did request one member one vote to stop this from happening. If a member has issues difineing one particular member, then they should respectfully decline to vote and maybe PM the members concerned. At the end of the day, its supposed to be a bit of fun with respect and thanks being paid to the members of LJN. Its been ruined, for me, by the distastefull comment being made re the prize, what should be done with it and the back patting jibe, why would a comment like that even enter into a members head I dont know.






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