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Landscape industry discussion forum - Trending Topics:

Mike Goodman replied to Mike Goodman's discussion Baby Safe Garden Area
"OK, well I'll do some research around Lolium perenne for similar grasses so there wil be more than one solution on offer. I really like the clover idea but Sarah has a very valid point. It will probably scare mum and dad off, although it will…"
1 hour ago

PRO Member
David Cox replied to Andrew Baker's discussion We are no longer using commercial weed killers
"I applaud your decison and move towards this position. I - as stu try to limit my usage, but simply find a) client resistance b) alternatives lacking, for equivilent result, hold me back. Especially with lawn care, their is no alternative to…"
1 hour ago
Simon replied to Simon's discussion Sprocket/Bar Stud Gone On Stihl MS211
"All sorted and fixed! I managed to get an oversized bar stud from a local dealer and a Loctite alternative from a local car spares shop. I've been using it for a few hours today and it's all ok. Thanks for the advice and opinions guys."
2 hours ago

PRO Member
Simon Land replied to Andrew Baker's discussion We are no longer using commercial weed killers
"It's certainly something I would consider and hats off to you Andrew for taking that stance and doing it. I would be interested to know how you will do things differently when normally you would have reached for the glysophate?"
2 hours ago
Mike Goodman replied to Lee's discussion time wasters
"Yes. Mostly from people who find I run a landscape gardening business and feel an urge to "kick a tyre or two". A couple of questions usually blows their cover and an answer such as "We have a minimum order size of £xxx. Can you…"
2 hours ago

Pro Designer
Jenny Bloom replied to John J Maree's discussion 30" plus square plant pots
"Not sure where you are John, but if you are looking for square and black there are plenty of options including online - lots of suppliers selling lightweight GRP or powdercoated aluzinc or similar. Standard sizes up to 1000mm or bespoke. Try…"
2 hours ago
Daniel Goree replied to Kieran Ray's discussion cramping and tight legs
"Drink tonic water Quinine helps with cramp"
2 hours ago

PRO Member replied to Kieran Ray's discussion cramping and tight legs
"i awoke with severe cramp in left leg (usually right) sunday morning... i had been at a party for many hours so wondered if lack -of-fluids? ?! 3pm-1am the night before , but it woke me up and pain! my dad has tablets from his doctor, i had one (…"
2 hours ago

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Landscape Industry Discussion Forum

Baby Safe Garden Area

Started by Mike Goodman in Landscaping. Last reply by Mike Goodman 1 hour ago. 7 Replies

time wasters

Started by Lee in General Thread. Last reply by Mike Goodman 2 hours ago. 4 Replies

30" plus square plant pots

Started by John J Maree in General Thread. Last reply by Jenny Bloom 2 hours ago. 3 Replies


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