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Bigyin replied to James Brett's discussion Small clearance
"I imagine it would "keep you fit" if you were fit to start with. At 71 I think I'd find it hard going. :-("
Oct 26
Bigyin replied to James Brett's discussion Small clearance
"I've got brambles like you wouldn't believe (I'll post pics soon) and as I don't have access to big machinery I use a brush cutter to good effect. I also find that when cut down to a reasonable height, the roots pull out quite…"
Oct 25
Bigyin replied to James Brett's discussion Small clearance
"You guys seem to be making a mountain out of a molehill in my opinion. I'd brushcut down to 2ft (keeping an eye open for hidden crap), then rake it through to remove any thing that was going to damage the cutter. Then brushcut down to ground…"
Oct 25
Bigyin replied to Phil Voice's discussion Is a pesticide competence certificate worth the paper it's written on?
"I reckon you need to get some names and throw down the gauntlet (so to speak)."
Aug 31
Bigyin replied to Phil Voice's discussion Is a pesticide competence certificate worth the paper it's written on?
"Should not an invitation to a relevant member of HSE be extended in order to be able to join in the discussion ?"
Aug 30
Bigyin replied to Andrew Baker's discussion We are no longer using commercial weed killers
"Andrew, As profiles no longer appear on here I can't tell what your position is (Pro landscaper, gardener or what ?). I'd be interested to hear how you propose to deal with weeds in the future."
Jul 20
Bigyin replied to Neil Copeland's discussion Giving free advice
"Bear in mind that not ALL members of LJN are professionals. In the early days (I think I was member number 72)the network welcomed anyone interested in horticulture in general. I realise it has since become much more pro-centric but it has never…"
Jul 19
Bigyin replied to Benedict Simmons's discussion Irrigation system
"A filter wouldn't do any harm but it won't prevent the build up of calcium."
Jun 28

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Posted on July 5, 2009 at 13:30 2 Comments

So we now knew that we could actually grow plants in our “soil”. The first crops were a bit sickly partly due to the soil and somewhat irregular watering with a hose pipe. Other pests started to appear, amongst them, slugs, snails, ants and Portugese millipedes. Admittedly the latter two didn’t seem to be detrimental to the plants but they made the maintenance somewhat unpleasant at times. This was added to by flies (including sand flies), mosquitoes, wasps (more of those later) and the ever… Continue

Healthy Eating

Posted on October 22, 2008 at 18:39 2 Comments

Just received this from a friend. If it causes any offence I'll gladly remove it.

In the beginning God covered the earth with broccoli, cauliflower and spinach, with green, yellow and red vegetables of all kinds so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives.

Then using God's bountiful gifts, Satan created Dairy Ice Cream and Magnums. And Satan said, 'You want hot fudge with that? And Man said, 'Yes!' And Woman said, 'I'll have one too with chocolate chips'.… Continue

The Vegetable Garden

Posted on October 22, 2008 at 16:30 3 Comments

As we were still somewhat overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge, we decided that a vegetable patch would be the sensible thing to start with. This would enable us to test the viability of the soil and also obviate the necessity for any design skills which neither of us pretend to be endowed with.

Each swing of the pickaxe penetrated about six inches so I dug a couple of square metres to this depth, removed the spoil to one side… Continue

It's Soil Jim, but not as we know it !!.

Posted on October 15, 2008 at 18:32 0 Comments

It was now time to get cultivating. The first job was to examine the soil and decide how to make it productive. To call it soil is somewhat of an overstatement. It's a red, sandy and very stony substance that you would normally drive on in this area.

Ever the optimist, Margaret collected a sample and tested it with the little litmus type kit she'd bought with her from UK (bless !!). She declared that all was OK as it tested alkaline… Continue


Posted on October 15, 2008 at 17:30 3 Comments

Prior to attempting anything that might be construed as "constructive", we'd realised that having walked round the "Estate" a few times, there was quite a bit of attractive vegetation that was either growing wild, was left over from the days when it was a nursery or had been deliberately planted by previous occupants. This included various varieties of lavender, the usual Rosemary and Thyme etc. Margaret frequently fills vases with wild flowers she finds on site in the season.…


Comment Wall (28 comments)

At 13:19 on June 17, 2008,
PRO Member
Phil Voice
Hello Roger and thanks for joining.

I really hope that you are able to upload and share some of what you are doing with the us?

Kind regards

At 16:25 on June 17, 2008,
Pro Designer
Kerrie John-The garden design Co
Hi Roger,
How come you find yourself Wilderness Taming in Spain? Sounds fun, if not a little daunting!
At 17:22 on June 17, 2008,
PRO Member
Craig McGinty
Hi Bigyin
Noticed your message to Kerrie about finding your feet around the site.
You may have crossed it but there is a page drawing together hints and tips about how to use the site at:
Tips on using the Landscape Juice Network
Any questions just shout.
At 11:06 on June 18, 2008,
PRO Member
Craig McGinty
Hi Roger
Yes there are a couple of ways you can contact people directly.
One way is to leave a message on someone's comment wall like I did for you.
The other is once you are 'friends' with someone on their My Page beneath their little headshot is an envelope that can be clicked and allows you to send a private message through the site.
Hope that helps
At 21:04 on September 3, 2008, Andrew Fereday said…
Hi Roger,
Couldn't find out how to reply to your question so I thought I'd leave you a wall coment. I've had a look at my RHS Encyclopaedia and wild celery is listed as Apium graveolens and is part of the Apiaceae family. I couldn't find anything on celery itself but there was another listing for Vietnamese Celery (Oenanthe javanica) which is also part of the Apiaceae family so I would think it's a safe guess to go with that. Why did you want to know?
At 21:22 on September 3, 2008, Andrew Fereday said…
Ah, I see. I'll have a check with one of my neighbours who has nicked off with another of my RHS books and has an allotment.
At 6:30 on September 4, 2008, Jeremy Dore said…
Celery is part of the Umbelliferae group (also called Apiaceae as Andrew rightly pointed out) and should be rotated with carrots, parsnip, celeriac, fennel, corriander, dill and parsley. In my experience this group is less fussy when it comes to crop rotation though...
At 9:53 on March 30, 2009, Helen Nock said…
Hi Roger,
Thanks very much for comments. Yes. I also produce the work individually from scratch out of the raw materials. I make the smaller metal base elements and design details and a blacksmith produces the heavier bases from my designs.
At 9:56 on March 30, 2009, Helen Nock said…
Cor....What an achievement. Wonderful!
At 19:31 on March 30, 2009, Helen Nock said…
Oh! I'll get on it

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