Can you clever plants-persons identify this for me please.


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i think it could be mesmebryanthemum not sure if the spelling is correct,

Looks like you're right.  (Don't worry about the spelling :-)


Thanks Andrew.

Looks like mesembryanthemum / Livingstone daisy - but the leaves are noticably thicker, and narrower than those I normally come accross.

It seems it's been re-classified.

You're welcome :)   I used to grow these quite a lot in my own garden (when i had time to do my own garden) Some varieties do have thicker leaves than others i remember. I think they are a kind of succulent.
Looks like Delosperma to me....
You could be right Nick.  From the pictures it's difficult to tell the difference.
Bigyin, is it 'cactus-like' and does it fruit???
Bigyin, I'm thinking---- Pigface (Carpobrotus modestus), have a google look at images, that's why I asked if it is Catus-like???

Yup it does fruit, it's known as the Hottentot fig. In South Africa the fruit is dried and sold on the roadside. Makes a decent chutney, but not really everyones taste.... not mine anyway!

Loads growing down here in Cornwall, especially near seaside cliffs etc. it has become somewhat of a problem. Smaller alternative would be Lampranthus 'Purple' or 'Tresco'. They are all great for trailing down Cornish stone walls.

Thanks for the link Andrew but I'm not quite sure what the relevance is ?

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