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Hello everyone,

Some of you will know who I am if you read my Landscape Juice blog but for those who don't, my name is Phil Voice and I have lived in France since October 2004, after selling my Landscaping and Garden maintenance company - still thriving as Voice Grounds Care.

I trained as an amenity gardener at Merrist Wood and later on, I qualified as a greenkeeper at Sparsholt College, Winchester.

I started my garden maintenance and landscaping business (21st May 1984) at 19 years of age and ran it for 21 years employing sixteen people at one point.

I sold up in 2004 because I wanted to have a break from the long hours and try to do something a little different.

Moving to France gave me the opportunity to get back to using my hands (which I got out of the routine of doing whilst pushing paper about) and I renovated/built a traditional French farm and built a house.

Now that the majority of the renovations (there will always be something to do) on our farmhouse are done and I needed to get my brain working again so I started the Landscape Juice blog (2006) and then the Landscape Juice Network (April 2008).

Landscape Juice keeps me in touch with what goes on in the world of gardening and landscaping in the United Kingdom and it also allows me to keep my interest in gardening and landscaping alive.

I also wanted to be a bit of a thorn in the side of the existing companies who have built their brand yet sat back and let their clients fend for themselves and I wanted to find a way of bringing equality to all of the small and medium sized land based business not represented but neglected by the incumbent trade associations.

Ex-member of the Association of Professional Landscapers and past winner of project under £10,000 award.

I hope you enjoy Landscape Juice and this network too and remember, I am around most of the time to help if you need it.

I am also founder of Creating Landscapes - a new national trade show for landscape and horticulture industry Capel Manor College 25-26 October 2011.

Best regards

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Comment Wall (543 comments)

At 14:47 on April 22, 2008,
PRO Member
Phil Voice
Hi and welcome to the Landscape Juice interactive and social forum
At 11:38 on April 23, 2008, Stuart Bulbeck said…
No worries, I hope I can help with the growth of your site and if I can be of any help in any way to you please feel free to contact me.
At 11:57 on April 23, 2008, Richard Loader said…
Hi Phil - OK - I'll admin if you want - I have just been approved as webmaster of the GPA (Garden Photogs so the more the merrier!
At 16:23 on April 23, 2008, Richard Boyd said…
Hi All

Good to see you!
At 20:49 on May 7, 2008, Neil Petrie BSc Landscape Mgt said…
Yep, now that it's not winter anymore it's fabulous! Excellent service you have put together here - look forward to helping out and being helped out. Still young in the business; lots to learn, eager to learn it.
At 7:36 on May 10, 2008, Susan Gallagher said…
Glad to find you all! We really need a place where professionals can interact here in the uk. Its been a steep learning curve for us, and I look forward to sharing our experience and learning from the experience of others.
At 9:11 on May 18, 2008, Andrew Fereday said…
Hi Phil,

I just happened across your site while looking to see what gardening blogs are out there. This looks really interesting - a sort of gardening facebook! I was wondering what the culture of gardening is like in France? I have family in the US and they say that the gardening culture over there is very different to the UK - mainly lawns and the odd shrub here or there but not much in the way of borders like we think of them over here. How do you find the differences in France?
At 19:27 on May 20, 2008, Classic Gardens said…
Cheeers Phil

Loving the site
At 21:46 on June 3, 2008, keith said…
Hi Phil,
Yes it is Pembrokeshire, and the coast path is fantastic. As I can suffer from vertigo these days, I am afraid that I don't walk it any more, but did before that problem kicked in.
At 10:42 on June 15, 2008, Andrew Fereday said…
Eeek! I've just noticed that in your profile picture you're not actually admiring a piece of hosepipe but that you've caught a snake! I assume that's some sort of adder is it?

I really ought to pay closer attention to these things. Or get my eyes tested...
At 10:47 on June 15, 2008,
PRO Member
Phil Voice
Hi Andy,

It is a grass snake (rather large female) :-0)) don't worry, I didn't harm her but took her into the meadow and let her go.
At 20:44 on June 16, 2008, Sefton Paine said…
Hi Phil. I checked out this site a little while back and the more time I get to use, I think how beneficial it will be. It is very difficult to combine a passion with business much of the time and I feel this site is going to provide the join in which is sometimes an abyss between the two.
At 19:27 on June 17, 2008, Lara Warner said…
Hi Phil

Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope that this site will be a place where us contractors can bounce ideas around and progress our business and the industry as a whole.

I am interested in the whole customer charter idea however I think that the Landscape Network would be a great idea if there were some vetting and verification processes.

At this stage I should declare myself to be a Director of Yourlocaltrades which is a site similar to the concept of Rated People. We have vetting in place for all our members and would be pleased to ensure that Landscape Network members were returned first on the search results for their area.

That site is still in BETA mode and is not due to launch properly until later in the year. But I think it would give a further layer of credibility to the network and I would propose all Landscapejuice members who join would have no membership fee - for life! There will also never be a pay per lead charge.

If anyone wants to take me up on the offer visit and register as a trader for free.

All the best and look forward to a great summer - I can't wait for winter just to have time to enjoy my own garden!

At 9:52 on June 18, 2008,
PRO Member
Phil Voice
Hi Lara and thanks for the feedback.

"I am interested in the whole customer charter idea however I think that the Landscape Network would be a great idea if there were some vetting and verification processes."

This is something that is being considered but I I do not want to add too many barriers for those who wish to participate.

Vetting can only be successful to a point and I feel that by creating a strong ethos will serve well as a self regulating theme for the members.

I will look at your site and get back to you on.

Kind regards

At 12:55 on June 19, 2008, Tim Bucknall said…
Many thanks. I probably won't be very active in the near future due to extreme busyness, but look forward to partaking more as time allows.
At 10:08 on June 21, 2008, James Broom said…
I'm sure I will Phil. Looking forward to participating where I can.

At 4:28 on June 26, 2008, Leigh DuFresne said…
Thanks Phil, that's kind of you. I'm already quite happy to have found the juice!
At 16:20 on June 30, 2008, Dan Barnett said…
Cheers Phil, I look forward to using the site and being involved.
At 3:36 on July 2, 2008, Contessa~Vanessa Johanning said…
Hello! I just put you on my bookmark page and will enjoy dropping in and gathering knowledge! I have an apple iphone and love to surf while waiting for my truck to get loaded! I am still planting annuals today, 17 flats (24 plants in a flat) at one house today! Whew!
Happy Summer!!

P.S.I am still figuring out how to upload photos, but will perservere!
At 20:08 on July 2, 2008, Contessa~Vanessa Johanning said…
Thanks for the kind welcome!!

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