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At 15:13 on June 28, 2011,
PRO Member
Glyn Tucker

Thanks for the welcome to the site.


At 15:18 on June 30, 2011, James Cooper said…

Cheers very much

At 21:24 on July 2, 2011, Lee Smith said…

Hi Philip,

Firstly thanks for the welcome to LJN i hope it will be a long and fruitful partnership. As for reed bed water treatment in the garden, why not?. I would say technology is making everything small these days but i dont see your average two bed terrace garden having a horizontal reed bed system, but we live in hope. Will chat more on the subject and others as well .

Keep up the good work


At 15:50 on July 6, 2011, Spaces Gardens said…
Thank you x
At 14:02 on July 7, 2011, Adam Bristowe said…
Hey Phil. Thanks for your note! Glad to be here. I have been speaking to a few clients regarding issues of consultation between parties involved in landcaping projects.....may have something to post for you soon that could be of interest!
At 22:25 on July 7, 2011, Rachel Lynch said…
Hi Phil, sorry for the delay in replying, yes we have been "snowed under" since we started (April 2010), we are really enjoying our work, maintaining and improving customers gardens, i feel that there really is a market niche between the maintenance and design of customers gardens, it  can be hard work - especially finding plants but it is very rewarding when customers give good feedback. Keep up the good work with the site....and thanks. Rachel.
At 22:32 on July 13, 2011, Nick Murray said…

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the welcome. It has been very useful already!




At 9:29 on July 14, 2011, Roger Webster said…
Hi Phil, thanks for the welcome. I've had a quick look before and  am not generally a joiner - easily confused by too many buttons to press -  but the combination of designers, landscapers and brod garden / horticultural contracting looks healthy and helpful, so here goes
At 20:51 on July 18, 2011,
PRO Member
Ayegardening Ltd - Aye and Susan

Hi Phil, thank you for the welcome. Your website is very useful - love the forum and all the info on terms and conditions etc


At 19:08 on July 22, 2011,
PRO Member
Lindsey Churchill

 Hi Phil & thanks for the welcome, I found you first through Twitter where I sit and quietly watch what is going on in hort circles. I hope that through LJN I can reach individual horticulturists in need and make them aware of the unique service that Perennial offers.

I feel a bit of a fraud being here as I have worked for a horticultural charity for ten years and still don't know a weed from a plant!

At 22:14 on July 26, 2011, keith gibson said…



Thanks for the welcome. My company is a Community Interest Comp[any and we specialise in hard standing gardens for schools, homes and for folks who love gardens but cant reach down anymore! (NOT raised beds!)



At 10:34 on August 1, 2011, Gavin Jones Ltd said…

Thanks Phil!

Very helpful - think I've managed to change the image - time will tell!

Kind regards


At 19:23 on August 3, 2011,
PRO Member
Phil Crossley

Hi Phil

Thanks for the welcome. I've found the site very useful, either by confirming decisions we've made are right, or pointing us in the right direction on other matters.



At 9:35 on August 4, 2011, BritishFlora said…

Hi Phil,

Thanks for adjusting the logo to fit I was wondering how I could make it fit



At 23:51 on August 5, 2011,
Premium Supplier
Peter Woolnough
Thank you for your welcome note, Philip.

I have already found some great deals through your suppliers.

All the best,

At 13:48 on August 15, 2011, Doug Corbett said…

Found 4 bumblebee nests in one small area of grass I was cutting at a commercial property. I think they are the  Common Carder. The nests are on the ground in what was then thick grass and had been made from grass and other organic material and are quite small (18-20 cm diameter)


As bees are under threat and have such a important role to play in pollination, I have mowed round them. Have you any idea if it is possible to move them or is it best to leave till autumn when they should die off and the queen seeks out a spot to hibernate.

At 21:33 on August 17, 2011, said…

Hello Phil.


Thanks for your welcome note. Looking forward to exploring your exciting resource!



At 20:56 on August 25, 2011, said…

Hi Phil

Thanks for your phone call today it was really enlightening 1) I have talked at length to my wife and we will book a space at The Creating Landscapes Show 2) the Peruvian Scillas are available at £2 each but my main supplier says they are really limited this year

Kind regards


At 16:47 on September 10, 2011, Jason Cummings said…

Thanks Phil look forward to using the site.

At 9:23 on September 11, 2011, Sue Craske said…

Haven't done much social networking yet, apart from FLICKR, so here goes

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