First Con-Dem stealth tax set to hit Horticulture

Oh dear, only a day or so in and the tories are up to their old tricks.

Just as they did in the '80's by raising the hateful tax, VAT, from 8% to 15% then to 17.5%, they now appear set to raise VAT to 20%.

During the credit crisis, Labour lowered VAT to the lowest level allowed under European regulations 15%, until the worst of the crisis was over. However the tories revert to type, and seek to raise it to try and wreck our industry yet again.

When the tories put up VAT on plants up from 8% to 15% this had a dramatic affect on plant sales, and I'm sure raising the rate to 20% this will have a similar impact.

This draconian measure will also badly hit those many Landscapers and Designers that are not VAT registered, not only in plant costs, but also materials, and of course, fuel.

If you are VAT registered, you can of course charge your client accordingly, and put up your prices. Just tell them it's not extra profit for you, it's the Con-Dem stealth tax, and you are just their unpaid tax collector.

So the Eton mess begins...

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Comment by Dave Sewell on June 23, 2010 at 7:59
Comment by T & S Plants on June 22, 2010 at 18:18
So, as predicted on 13th May, the Condems have put VAT up to 20%.

Despite Call me Dave, claiming all of the way through the Election campaign that he had no plans to raise VAT, at his first oportunity, he did just that. Clegg and his small band of followers also ruled out a VAT rise during the campaign, but appear to support one now that they have power.

Don't believe all of this nonsense about decided to put up VAT after seeing the Books. Historically, it has always been the tories that increase VAT, so many of knew that Call Me Dave was lying to us through the campaign, actions speak louder than words Dave.

So how did we get to this point with the hole in the country's finances. Well up until August 2007, all was going well, the highest number of employed ever in our history, consistant economic growth for 10 years, so what went wrong?

The unregulated free market is what went wrong, as it has done before, because that simple fact is that an unregulated free market does not work. Banks across world were lightly regulated, and as a result played poker with our money, and lost badly.

If the Government in the UK had not stepped in Northern Rock would have gone, and all of those people with savings with it would have lost them. Once one Bank went, more would have followed, and like a pack of cards, the banking system, which is the backbone of the free market economy would have collapsed not just in this country, but worldwide.
Comment by Dave Sewell on June 2, 2010 at 7:44
Comment by T & S Plants on June 1, 2010 at 19:35
No, according to the son of Thatcher, Call Me Dave, sorry not you Dave, we live in "broken Britain".

Now correct me if I am wrong, but riots in Brixton, Toxteth and London (Poll Tax) under Thatcher, not to mention the massive overtime paid to police during the pre-planned Miners strike.

Now the tories pre-planned the Miners dispute in 1978, whilst in opposition under the guidance of Old Man Ridley. They blamed the Miners for kicking out Heath, but surely it was the British people in the election that kicked out Heath, unless the Miners had more votes than I was lead to believe?

The tories plan was to stock up the power stations, before announcing massive pit closures, which they knew would not be acceptable. Still today, some people believe that the Miners went on strike over pay, this is not correct, they were trying to save not only their jobs, but also their communities. The tories set out to destroy them and used the police (as the military wing of the tory party), along with their friends in the press to fight the battle. During the strike, I spoke with many Miners, and not being able to move not only between villages, but also Counties was the restriction placed upon them, talk about Big Brother. Just imagine that restriction now on Landscapers and Designers who dared to challenge the establishment.

So in the last 13 years, how many riots? None I think which is perhaps the difference.

Britain is far from where it should be, but as a nation it is far more settled than under the hateful Thatcher and her clan. There are some that abuse our system and way of life, the current DEFRA Minister springs to mind, with dubious claims for public money close to £100,000 and Call Me Dave still made her a Minister.

Now Call Me Dave, is trying to push through Laws, oops, sorry that perhaps does not read right after the recent media. His first, this 6 billion worth of cuts were we told during the election campaign were to come from "efficiency savings" but they have not.

Indeed the tories have already cut hundreds of jobs, not through efficiency, but through dogma. Is Government leaner and meaner as a result of the cuts as promised, no, the Defra minister still has a Limo to her Office.

Our society Dave, is as you state more at ease with itself, so Call Me Dave was obviously wrong about Broken Britain, which we agree on. Under Thatcher as Philip correctly states, we had no society as she did not believe in one.
Comment by Fenlandphil on June 1, 2010 at 18:44
No one who endured her tenure of Downing Street is neutral on Mrs Thatcher, which makes objectivity difficult. Her governments economic and industrial incompetence, was summerised by a former cabinet colleague, Jim Prior "They couldn't run a whelk stall"
From the horses mouth so to speak
"I have a problem, I will go and get a grant to cope with it!" "I am homeless, the Government must house me!" and so they are casting their problems on society and who is society? There is no such thing!"
Comment by Dave Sewell on June 1, 2010 at 13:19
So, let me get this right. Britain today has no morals, no sense of society? Apart from you and me of course, and our families - we know right from wrong. Oh and all the good people who make up the LJN- obviously they're decent too. And mustn't forget my village community and virtually everybody else I come into contact with on a daily basis. In fact - most of the people all of us come accross are decent people with a sense of community, social responsibility and perfectly good morals. None of them dented by Mrs Thatchers personal crusade to 'destroy' Britain....
Or are you suggesting otherwise?
Comment by T & S Plants on May 27, 2010 at 22:03

Agreed, Thatchers period in office was very dark episode in British history. Responsible for the destruction of our manufacturing base, society, and loss of any morals that this country ever held. Although I don't hold by British ness, and all of that nonsense, with her policies I was ashamed to be born in this country.

She would, for example be really strong against Europe, in the press, yet she signed the Single European Act for the free movement of capital and Labour thoughout Europe, but I guess that it was capital that she was more interested in? So as a result the many Poles, Latvian's etc, etc living, and yes working in the UK are due to Thatcher. Funny how the world goes around!!!

The right wing in society is very concerning, but historically, the NF and BNP have always been less active during tory governments, since the majority of tory MP's are natuarally racist, so there is little need for the more right-wing organisations, since they feel already represented.

Historically, the NF were active under a Labour government in the 1970's and recently the BNP under the past 13 years of a Labour government.

My problem is that the current PM is the son of Thatcher, although possibly not by birth, , but by politics, yes.

So how much did Ken Clarke earn, whilst an MP, as a Director/Advisor to British American Tobacco?

My other problem is that I despise the tory party, all that it stands for, the greed it represents. The tory party has an in built hatred for the British people, and will only seek to represent, lower wages, poorer conditions, a dog eat dog society, full of corruption, greed above all people, and hatred of ordinary working people.

First they came for the Trade Unionist, and since I was was not a Trade Unionist, I did nothing.

Then they came for the Socialists, and since I was not a Socialist, I did nothing.

Then the came for the weak, and since I was not weak, I did nothing.

Then they came for the Jews, and since I was not Jewish, I did nothing.

Then they came for me, and I found that there was nobody to stand up for me.

The current PM is "new and green", on his bycycle to work, with his car following behind him carrying his suit and tie, the current PM is a total waste of space.

So in this new condem politics, when 18 out of the 23 cabinet members are millionaires, how does that work? How many Landscapers, Designers or Nursery people are millionaires? Do they represent me or them, no!!!

So the new politics, full of millionaires, not in my name. I will once again apologise to my friends in the rest of Europe, and say, don't blame me I voted Labour, I believe in people.
Comment by Fenlandphil on May 22, 2010 at 23:57
With Margeret Thatcher there seems to be no middle ground, there are those who think she was the best thing to happen to this country for years and others who despise the very air she breathes.
It was, I am sure her legacy, particularly in the areas of the country that fared worse when she was in power, that stopped people in their millions voting Conservative.
I am in the anti Thatcher camp, not for what she did to the unions, some reform was needed there, not just for what she did to manufacturing industry (more damage than Hitler), not for her governments economic mismanagement (at least as bad as Labours probably more damaging) but what she did to the social cohesion of this country. We had rioting on the streets over the poll tax, a far higher rate of inflation than under any Labour government before or since. A higher rate of unemployment and business failures but no compassion, no desire on the part of her government to mitigate in any meaningful way the consequences of their disasterous economic mismanagement.
I can remember Michael Foots savaging of Geoffrey Howe, the then chancellor, likening his management of the economy, to an incompetent magician taking a member of the audiences watch putting it in a bag smashing it with a hammer then not knowing how the trick went to put it back together. Ken Clarke was the only decent Tory chancellor we had, then the idiots in the Conservative party were too stupid not to elect him as leader. The one man who could have stood at the despatch box and could say to Blair or Brown I did it better.
I can remember the late fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and the rest and for me the darkest period was the time Thatcher was in government, when she departed and Major took over, my thoughts were exactly the same as Edward Heaths', rejoice, rejoice, rejoice.
I don't know how long this coalition will last but if they try and put the welfare of the people of this country somewhere near the top of their agenda, then at least they will do some good.
Comment by Fenlandphil on May 21, 2010 at 22:17
All governments usually do some good whatever their complextion, my brother in law is disabled and the tories under Thatcher made some changes that benefited him. That is all I can think off when Thatcher was running things Major appointed Ken Clarke as chancellor and he was the best one I can remember from any party.
The advantages of PR are in my view stability and representation, to form a government the party or parties involved will have to have the support of at least fifty percent of those who voted, not less than forty percent as is often the case at present.
The Liberal party is a radical party, when in power, they brought in progressive taxation, old age pensions, national insurance and the architect of the National Health Service was Lord Beveridge a Liberal peer. They advocated tax credits in the seventies.
If the Liberal party were in coalition with either the Tories or Labour, they would limit the activities of the lunatic fringe that is present in both of these parties. This would bring a greater degree of stability to this country and allow us to progress perhaps more in the way the more successful european and scandinavian countries have.
Comment by T & S Plants on May 21, 2010 at 19:54
Hi Philip,

Thanks for you very good points.

I have thought long and hard about PR, and after my deep and long thoughts about it, I can see one positive.

Under PR we will never have a tory Government, as they could never get 50% of the popular vote, which is a real bonus. As a negative, we will never have a Labour governement for the same reason.

Thing thing that really gets me about PR, is that we will always have Liberals in Government under the system, which is I guess why the Liberals support it so much, so why I do not, as it is not democratic. One election they will back the tories, the next one Labour to grasp power.

I am not really a New Labour person, probably more of a Tony Benn fan than a Gordon Brown. I used to be a party member, and very active within the Party, standing for local elections, and even putting myself forward as the parliamentary candidate, many years ago. However in Woking I felt, and perhaps others did, that I was bit too working class.

During their 13 years in Offfice, they tinkered with the system, never took on the old guard establishment, as it needed to be, House of Lords, etc. Two dodgy wars did not help, but they delivered peace in Ireland, the Minimum Wage etc. but I still feel a little bit wanting for them to have done more for the majority in this country, normal working people, and take on the vested interests within the country, the real enemy within, that I believe still run the country. A possible start being the press.

Most people believe wrongly that those with a progessive agenda, like myself, are anti-business, this is far from the truth. Nursery workers and owners, Landscapers, Garden Designers are all doing the same thing, selling their Labour. I would support any person selling their Labour, be it self employed or employed.

I do not buy this nonsense on the working class/middle class split. The vast majority of people in this country are doing one thing, selling their Labour. If they did not work, they would lose their Home, so most people have to work to live, so the vast majority are Working Class. Those that do not need to work, are the ruling class.

I have yet to meet anyone middle class, although there is time I guess. Is a middle class person a toff on the decline, or a worker that has made their money for life, and does not need to work again?

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