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Gardening product agent, sale rep green products

Hi ,

I am currently looking for more agents,

to promote green and successful products to retailers.

( garden centers and DIY shops, commercial gardens, tree nurseries for a new product)

If you know anyone that can do that, or yourself.

It is based on commission ( 10-12%) so the first sale is harder but than you get commission

on every refill of stock too. (average sale around £300)

The best time is January, feb and early…


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21st Century Woodlander

Defining a specific job title in land management is a common thread on professional forums. How much does the confusion surrounding our job titles add to the disenfranchisement of land management practitioners? Or are we, as I think we risk, getting far too pompous over the issue and it would suit us best to get back to Hardyesque titles that avoid wasting a client’s time and money in explaining exactly what we are and what we do.

I am a silviculturalist, my main speciality is in…


Added by Pip Howard on January 15, 2012 at 14:56 — 2 Comments

Landscaping Liverpool from Liverpool Landscapers Moss Landscaping

Landscaping Liverpool from Liverpool Landscaping Company Moss Landscaping, we specialise in all aspects of Landscaping in and around Liverpool and surrounding areas, visit www.mosslandscapes.co.uk

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Planting trends: using natives

I am hoping that this will be my first blog post of many! This one (and the next) are dedicated to planting - and more specifically native planting and its place in future trends in garden design.

The world over innovative designers have used their native plants in their designs to produce stunning works - Roberto Burle-Marx in Brazil, Ted Smyth in New Zealand or Steve Martino in Arizona for example. Britain has however been a little different. The British…


Added by Matt Haddon on January 14, 2012 at 20:36 — 5 Comments

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'50 Popular Plants Used in Garden Design' ebook and the BLL Newsletter

As of today, Ben Lannoy Landscapes has introduced a newsletter to its portfolio in order to speak directly to our subscribers and essentially get the most fruitful info to the people that really want to know. With the sign up comes a free ebook titled '50 Popular Plants Used in Garden Design'. I've been writing the book on and off for over 9 months now and although i enjoyed every minute of it, it seemed as though there was always more to do. For me, once i had started there was no going…


Added by Ben Lannoy on January 13, 2012 at 22:32 — 1 Comment

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Landscaping for Skateboarding

Skateboarding is growing in popularity and it is far and away the most popular urban sport with a not insignificant industry behind it. Skateboarders are unique in seeing not just a purpose for many urban scapes the majority of the population would loathe, but having a passion for these places also.

In Paris there is a rapidly growing use of roller blades, skateboards and push scooters for commuting purposes. Also there are places in Paris where skaters have become a symbol of the…


Added by Pip Howard on January 13, 2012 at 14:30 — 5 Comments

Let it snow. Marwell is ready for it

One of the South of England’s major year-round attractions, Marwell Wildlife in Hampshire, is poised ready to deal with a repeat of last year’s record breaking winter. The 140-acre site, which is home to more than 180 different species and acclaimed for its conservation work, welcomes nearly half a million visitors each year. It managed to stay operational throughout weeks of snow and ice 12 months ago thanks very largely to the acquisition of a snow blade attachment to one of its…


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How to keep your desk papper free- 6 tools for you

Hi All,

For 2012

This year I want help you ( I probably will need your help too) so here is an opportunity for me to do so.

Sharing few ideas that I got from 'american express' to help you tidy a desk and easy control on your business .

It  can assist easier and better management

(Just trying to assist you.

no relation to any of those - no comission etc)



Added by Ofer El-hashahar on January 11, 2012 at 9:48 — 2 Comments

What does the future hold?

So with all the changes going on what is the future of housing in the UK?

Looking at the draft impact assessment for the new round of right to buy there are some interesting leads to find.

Council housing rent will go up 42% in the next three years, for housing associations it is expected they will go up 24%. At the end of this period the long term aim to for the rents of these two sectors should be the same. After this rent will rise by RPI +0.5%.

Benefits on the other…


Added by dgeorgea on January 11, 2012 at 0:01 — 2 Comments

Paving Wirral

Paving services by Dempsey in Wirral. Dempsey provide paving services to all areas of Wirral and Merseyside. Dempsey specialise in installing natural stone paving for driveways, patios and all other paving applications.…


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Agripower Contractors make good of waste

Agripower Contractors, a specialist in all aspects of natural and synthetic surfaces has completed the conversion of a former school demolition site in Luton into a state of the art 3G synthetic sports pitch and 4-court MUGA.

After a lengthy design process working closely with the client’s surveyors…


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London Garden Design Diary: Week 1 2012


Matt will be attempting to finish off several jobs over the next two weeks, while dodging the raindrops. He has a deck seat to build for clients in Stoke Newington, a little pointing for the paving in Hackney, and stain for the decking at our garden build in Willesden Green. We also need to undertake some…


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Onwards and Upwards

This is my first ever blog, I've been reading a few of them on here and thought I'd give it a go. Hopefully i won't be boring you silly. Well here goes.

I thought I might write a little about my beginnings and my future as a garden maintenance provider. When I first began I was a single parent, being at home all the time when my daughter was young I spent a lot of time in my garden with her, and I really loved it. When my daughter started school I wanted to use the freedom that I…


Added by andy @Doughty Garden Maintenance on January 8, 2012 at 20:01 — 36 Comments

To Sow Or Not To Sow?

The sun was shining today in Cheltenham, and a very pleasant few hours were spent pottering in the garden while the robin sang about how the garden was all his and his alone, but he would be prepared to share it with a suitable lady robin. It’s lovely to get an early taste of Spring weather, and getting up close and personal with the plants you notice how buds are already swelling, and daffodils you’d forgotten about are once again preparing their show.

While I pottered, I was trying…


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The Benefit of Modern Day Roof Gardens

Roof Gardens don't have to be a hugely expensive project. We have created gardens on roofs which were literally a few pots gathered together and some climbers attached to the walls with wire. The main aim is to use the space that will most likely have some sun through the day to it's full potential rather than just another spot to sunbathe. Of course you have to be careful of weight limitations but other than that you can pretty much do the same above ground as you can at ground level, the…


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Just started a nice front and rear landscaping job in the cotswolds.

We are using Indian sandstone for patio and paths

Added by Graham Parker on January 7, 2012 at 13:56 — No Comments

Our Review of 2011

Good morning all. You find me on a rainy morning in late December, still in my PJ’s with a large cup of fresh coffee. My healthy breakfast regime has well and truly taken a sideline so instead of the usual bowl of porridge with a sliced banana I’ve been indulging in sumptious pastries. Do I feel guilty? Not as much as you’d think as the pecan plait I’ve just demolished was delicious.

I should be out working just now. We’ve got a packed schedule of garden builds to…


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HRC Rock Cutters now available from Reach it - Move it - Crush it for excavators & compact loaders

HRC Series - Rock & Stone Cutters now available

We have just introduced a new range of rock cutters to our equipments sales side, which are…


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Paving Liverpool

Paving by Dempsey in Liverpool. Dempsey specialise in installing natural stone paving in all forms for patios, driveways and all other paving and landscaping applications.

Natural sandstone paving…


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