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Ouzel Landscapes
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01908 465792
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Ouzel Landscapes is a High quality Landscape company based in Milton Keynes we service most of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire Northamptonshire and parts of Oxfordshire also areas of North London. We undertakes most aspects of commercial and domestic landscaping. Including fencing, paving, walling and turfing.
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National diploma in horticulture
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Designer, Landscaper
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Nicky Patterson told me about the site.

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PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to Robert Keetley's discussion Hot metal
"No I dont think so, I had the fun task of being the lead orange."
10 hours ago

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to Robert Keetley's discussion Hot metal
"Yeah I was up late driving down a runway for some reason."
11 hours ago

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to Dave Bruton's discussion How high can you go with vertical sleeper retaining walls?
" "
11 hours ago

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to Robert Keetley's discussion Hot metal
"Wow can you tell I was tired writing that. "
15 hours ago

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Kieran Ray replied to Dave Bruton's discussion How high can you go with vertical sleeper retaining walls?
"When we have done retaining walls like that we have found it is best to bury the sleepers I a 900 deep trench and concrete them in. Also to make them stay in a straightin or a constant curve we screw a metal band to the rear of the sleepers about…"
18 hours ago

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to Robert Keetley's discussion Hot metal
"We use a reciprocating saw to do the same thing as the metal do sent get so hot and you also don't get bits of me to flying about or burn marks on the posts."

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to Robbie's discussion Go compare?
"We don't make too much of an effort as we know what our costs are and what we want to earn, but from comments from clients we are about in the middle if not towards the top for the area."

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to MWJONES's discussion Cutting holes in slabs
"Draw your circle then cut as close to the line as possible. You will probablprobably need to use a 4 inch grinder with a diamond blade. Then once the main stay is out neaten it up with the grinder. I'll sometimes use a mortar rake blade for…"

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to william frost's discussion What sub base to use for permeable eco paving
"If you need a permeable sub base then a type 3 base should be used, if not just go for type 1. Is the sub base needed to make the drive suds compliant? In the past we have used a relatively clean 40mm crush to make a semi permeable sub base for…"
Nov 20

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to Gareth Morris's discussion Close board fencing price
"For any fencing over 1200 high we always concrete the post in 600 deep minimum."
Nov 19

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to James Brett's discussion School Supplies Service Ltd
"Even if they are legitimate there selling techniques need sorting out. For some reason there website seems a bit off to me. I personally wouldn't go with them."
Nov 16

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to paul mcdermott's discussion Wheelbarrow Woes
"We use a mix of the hammerlin which have always lasted years. This year I also bought a belle barrow. Expensive at £130 but should last for ever. The steel frame is much stronger than the equivalent tmakes and the plastic tray is supper…"
Nov 16

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to John Cavill's discussion Lincolnshire Show - Show Gardens 2015
"I guess that could be down to not enough people in the lincs area. If it was nearer to us I'd do it. Bucks, Northants, Oxon type area would be a definite yes."
Nov 15

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to Tom Beevor's discussion Rainy days
"We got off light today, it basically stopped raining by 9 so we cracked on, had to build a deck. I went to the accountants this morning and just let the guys get on with it. got rained on a bit in the afternoon but as I choose to work outside I…"
Nov 14

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to Phil Voice's discussion Metric or imperial...what's your preference?
"We work in both, but because one of the lads had issues with knowing what was what and giving a totally weird measurement I went out and got everyone a metric only tape, its made things much easier, until we start talking imperial and then have to…"
Nov 9

PRO Member
Kieran Ray replied to Gary RK's discussion Are you towing a trailer legally ?
"From what I read, we should all be ok not to need a tacho,theres 2 exemptions I can see: vehicles used by agricultural, horticultural, forestry, farming or fishery businesses for carrying goods within 100km of where the business is based vehicles or…"
Nov 8

Kieran Ray's Blog

Snow clearence and gritting Dunstable

Posted on November 29, 2010 at 22:10 0 Comments

If you live in or near Dunstable and would like your path or drive way cleared of snow and ice then Call Ouzel Landscapes on 07800 888120 and we will be more than happy to come and clear it from only £10!

After we have cleared the snow we can also apply a covering of rock salt to help prevent any ice forming and to help inhibbet further snow from settling.…


Ouzel Landscapes first blog is up and running.

Posted on September 23, 2010 at 12:17 0 Comments

Hi all.

I have just started the Ouzel Landscapes blog on my website, at the moment it is nothing much just a post to say Hi, but it will grow with new content soon. find it at; http://ouzellandscapes.vpweb.co.uk/blog.html

I thought I would give people a heads up.


Ouzel Landscapes

Ouzel Landscapes join The Fence Doctor

Posted on March 6, 2010 at 23:00 4 Comments

Ouzel Landscapes a local company employing skilled local labour, has recently been awarded membership as the approved installer for The Fence Doctor in the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire area.Membership was granted as the fence doctor recognised the Ouzel Landscapes commitment to work with skill and integrity, and its agreement to abide by the fence doctors voluntary charter, promising to maintain high standards of work.

The fence doctor is a business that prides itself on… Continue

Enviromat, Sedum roofing, The green roof.

Posted on December 8, 2009 at 0:45 2 Comments

Enviromat, the sedum matting. system.

Enviromat is a new landscaping

material grown in Norfolk by Q lawns.

Q lawns have been supplying turf nationally for many years and are renown for their high standards and quality control.

Enviromat is an extremely versatile mixture of sedum plants; it is also frost hardy and drought resistant making it an Ideal material to use in the UK.

The sedum varieties… Continue

New Website

Posted on November 26, 2009 at 20:35 3 Comments

Hot off the press!!!

Ouzel landscapes have just launched their new website, go check it out at;


Have a look as some of the photos and even get in contact and get a competertive quote.

Kieran Ray

Ouzel Landscapes

Comment Wall (14 comments)

At 19:11 on August 25, 2009,
PRO Member
Phil Voice
Hi Kieran

Welcome to LJN.

I hope you find the site useful.

Kind regards

Phil Voice
At 20:19 on August 25, 2009,
PRO Member
Graeme @ BGS
Welcome to the LJN site Kieran,

I see that you have found your way around.
At 15:11 on August 27, 2009, Nicky @ GardenImprovements.com said…
Hi Kieran hows things mate?
At 8:31 on September 2, 2009, Chris Carr said…
Hi Kieran,
Glad to hear you are keeping busy and I expect you to be watching with a Critical eye over proceedings at Landscape Skills final at SALTEX – perhaps see you in the bar?
keep lucky
At 10:09 on January 14, 2010, Ofer El-hashahar said…
Hey Kieran,
I do not know much about it- can you let me know?
Also got no reasponse about the job in London!

i have noticed more visits at the website- but this is all.

I was told that they want to write something- has it got any photos?
At 10:10 on January 14, 2010, Ofer El-hashahar said…
many thanks for letting me know!
At 16:23 on January 28, 2010, Andrew Goss said…
At 7:07pm on January 13, 2010, Andrew Goss said…
Hi Kieran - I live just outside Bedford and now have restricted my coverage to within a ten mile radius
(to save costs ) Haven't visited sunny Dunstable for a while - love the downs :-)Delete Comment

* No comments yet!

Apologies Kieran - just realised that you probably didn't get this .......... still trying to get my head around this site n networking palava
At 23:37 on February 4, 2010,
PRO Member
i think your vista site is 5 x better than my lawn-care one !
At 0:18 on February 5, 2010,
PRO Member
At 11:55pm on February 4, 2010, Robin Ainsworth said…
very good Kieran. i looked @vpweb before.

how is your tree surgery ? have u got cosh? doing mine asap £315 !!
At 0:22 on February 5, 2010,
PRO Member
Kieran Ray
I sub out the tree surgury! Its easyer, saves me buying equipment! one of my mates is one of the best tree sergons around here, to be honist thats not a too difficult claim most of the rest re pickeys! No technicly I havent but I have not been asked for it yet! I havent even been asked for any risk assesments I just get asked to submit a copy of my insurence. It is currently tendertime for our local parish councils so thats my main job atm!

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