Hi Im looking on giving my machines a service and a good clean. What is the best product for cleaning up the plastic?
With new staff coming soon, I would like to present the machines in a good clean order to show a standard I would like us to try to keep.
Any thoughts?

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I find WD40 excellent for cleaning up lawnmowers with, leaves plastic looking great and also benefit any of the metal components.

Ill give it a go!

I give my stuff a spray of degreaser spray then give it a good blast with the air jet on my compressor. Then as Andy said a rag and some wd40 brings up metal and plastic very nicely. I think some before and after pictures would look good on the forum.

Chat up your friendly car valeter - they have access to and can recommend some good non-ionic cleaners that have no detrimental effect if used in correct dilution.

We used to use the Stihl or Orgeon cleaner but was so expensive compared to the stuff we bought called Autosmart G101. 5L @ £20 and gets massively diluted and can be applied via brush or small sprayer. Leave (do not allow to dry) and wash off. Brings up our white Etesia mower decks like new and good on Stihl hedgecutter blades and exhaust oil stains.

Beware it does strip off all oil & greass (on hands too !) so blades etc need oiling afterwards

Thank you guys


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