each year i write myself a seed and plant list and decide what i'd like to grow. this year i'm hoping to pack as much as practical onto the allotment.

is there anything unusual that any of you guys grow on your veg plots?

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Wife seems to have other ideas than mine.

I want lots of herbs, parsley, lettuce, braod beens, tomatoes. She wants spinach.

I actually hope to get dwarf fruit trees too.

I've grown a row of Chard  the last 2 years for my daughter, who cuts the leaves for a boiling once a week.

It is still growing despite the severe weather, but I don't fancy it as it looks to much like sugarbeet.

I also set 2 Cape Gooseberry plants in the greenhouse, only 1 is required as they make a large bush requiring 2x2yds area to grow in. The branches need tying to stakes to keep them off the floor, when they ripen the fruit falls on the floor.You get a bucket full off each bush, Have you seen the price in a posh shop?

If you like Chinese food the Pak choi family of veg grow as easy as lettuce. Steam and serve with soya or oyster sauce, lovely. I do quite well with butternut squash, lovely roasted or in soups, keep for several months too. I tried sweet potatoes the last two years, definitely need a long hot spell. I'm lacking a greenhouse at the mo so not too successful. They resembled spaghetti rather than spuds! Tasted good mind, has anyone had better luck with these?

i have a sweet potato in my kitchen window i'm trying to sprout, no luck so far but i may get some slips if it doesnt grow soon. i was shopping with my grandma the other day and aldi had some fruit bushed and canes, i got 2x yellow raspberries a red goosberry a red raspberry a red currant and a blackcurrant (i gave the blackcurrant to my grandma as i have 3 already). for the past 2 years ive tried cucumber (marketmore) outdoors and in a greenhouse they are superb in the greenhouse but they stay small outdors. the other ive tried is sweetcorn but that didnt do too well.

so far on my list i have;

potatoes, sweetcorn, peas, leeks, onions (spring and bulb), cabbage, brussels sprouts, tomato, peppers, cucumber, raddish, lettuce, betroot and if the sweet potato gives me some slips then i'll grow sweet potatoes too

today i went to the allotment for the day and assembled the framework of the greenhouse i was given over the weekend, wile i was there i planted 3 rows of potatoes (1 each of king edward white, swift and pentland javellin) then i sowed a row each of leek, radish and lettuce, 3 rows of beetroot and 3 rows of stuttgarter onion sets. the sweet potato hasnt sprouted yet. ususally i'd have waited till march at the earliest to sow seeds direct to the plot but its been so warm recently i thought i'd try it.

more seeds sown today, 2 rows of brussels sprouts and 2 rows of peas. there is still no sign of growth from the sweet potato, and i'm convinced its shrinking. i've prodded it all over and it still seems firm and not rotten so i think i'll leave it in the water for another couple of weeks and if there is still no signs of growth i'll compost it.

the trouble with my allotment now is although its a medium size as sizes go at the site i've filled it so quickly i've been thinking of getting a friend to take on the plot next to me and i can help him grow fruit on it, there is a silly but sensible rule that there is only one plot per person allowed.


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