Nasty occurrence in the village yesterday. The son of a local shop keeper that I know (he's in his 30's) was at the service station using the air machine to inflate a rear tyre on his tractor.  Out of the blue, the tyre exploded.  Severed the arteries in his arm in several places, broke the bone in two places and stripped some of the muscles and tendons from his forearm.  The side of his head looks like he's had a good kicking.  They dragged him to the local clinic and from there, helicoptered him up to Tarragona (about 50 miles) for specialist surgery.  When I saw his Mum and Dad yesterday they were beside themselves.  Happily, today they are more circumspect and just muttering "he's alive" ( in Catalan).  You never know when and from where it's coming.

Let's all reset our complacency gauges to zero.

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Ooh sounds nasty.

I've heard of two piece 'split' rims on tractors explode before.

Another recent accident relating to compressed air.

It was the actual tyre that went and I presume it was the steel reinforcing that did the damage.
There have been some nasty accidents with young appretnices thinking that it might be quite fun to give someone a squirt from a hose from behind.  Can be fatal.

Having worked in the tyre industry and motor vehicle industry previously, I know only too well what can happen. Two peice split rims have the potential to be lethal and must only be dismantled and assembled by professionals - they can and WILL kill otherwise.

Tyre explosions are fortunatly rare but can happen.

Same as a water jetting pipe with 14 gallon a minute at 3500 psi running through it - that went with a hell of a bang and it was lucky no one got hurt - about 15 metres of it was flailing round on the floor. Luckily the machine ran out of water and its safety 'run dry' system shut down it within 30 seconds.

wow . hmmmmmmm

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