A client has asked me to quote for watering their lawns once a fortnight. These lawns are completely brown and I think we all know that fortnightly watering is going to do diddly squat.

I want to give them options, so what I want to know is, what's it going to take to get brown lawns, green in this hot dry weather? Is it even advisable to try?

At the moment I'm looking at a dose of H2Pro and a soaking twice a week for a month.

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Hi Cesare

Here are a couple of posts from a friends blog that might help you.

Recovering a lawn after drought
Brown lawns are cool!"
Thanks for the posts. Confirmed my thoughts on the matter. Phill's leads are very useful.
Keep posting to this discussion though, it will prove useful to others in the same position.

Thanks again.
Better to water heavily and infrequently to get better penetration and encourage the roots to go deeper rather than little and often which over time only encourages surface rooting and so exacerbates the problem.

Longer term do as much as possible to encourage deeper rooting to avoid the problem in future: aeration, relief of compaction, correct feeding, in other word good management.

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