Making your brand stand out and getting noticed for the right reasons is essential for gardeners and landscapers and it does not need to cost the earth.

Paying huge sums to go into a directory or the local newspaper is not necessary - here are a few tips on getting noticed (and for once, the Internet does not feature)

1. Vehicle sign writing - vinyl signs on the side of your van is the perfect way to get noticed. This method is a lot cheaper than when it first came into the mainstream in the late eighties.

Do not make the design too fussy , keep the letters clear and easy to read and make sure your telephone number is readable and prominent.

Make sure that the back of your van also has a brief description of what you are and a clear number. If you work in a small area then brand awareness, so often overlooked, is strengthened.

2. Have a work board printed - A square board with your details or even an ice cream type sign with both sides written up, tells potential clients that you are open for business.

This works especially well if the client has a long drive and your vehicle cannot be seen from the road (it is worth checking with your client that they are happy with you advertising before you start - there should not be any objections but you never know)

3. Work shirts - All of my workforce wore corporate clothing and at the time I did not add a phone number to the back. The phone number is definitely something to consider.

4. Leaflet drops - Take leaflets with you and drop a few in the neighbours letter boxes in the road or close you are working. Five minutes at lunch time is all it needs.

Work can come in from some very obscure places at times and word of mouth amongst happy customers can be useful. Bear in mind though, especially if a client does not wish to lose your services, that some clients will keep your details secret.

There is also the danger, if you have plain clothing and a plain vehicle, that a potential client will feel excluded from asking you for help.

There is a psychology in marketing doing the rounds that both parties need to give thier permission for a transaction to take place - having a corporate image opens your door to the potential of new business.

If you have a tip then please leave a comment below.

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I agree with all the points apart from the leaflet drops.
I did them when I started up, they didn't bring in business for me, I think they end up in the bucket most of the time.
I'm not sure about brand positioning using this method - for landscaping anyway, probably more effective for pure gardening jobs where the value is less. Have about 100 sitting in my cupboard and haven't touched them since.
We have a sign written van, which has brought us business. It also re-assures customers (& their neighbours) that the van parked on their drive is legit.

Whilst it may provide a target for thieves to break into, it is also less likely to be stolen, especially if your sign writing is 4 ft square like ours.

The style of sign writing, colours used etc also demonstrates your type of business, traditional or contemporary.

However, even though our business is "Ask-King 4 Gardening" and we are clearly gardening, or taking tools from the van, people do say, Do you do gardening?


I'm sure it's possible to get magnetic signs for vans and cars that can just be peeled off when you don't want your vehicle to be identified with your business.
I used to have some magnetic signs for the van. I would come back to the van sometimes and they would be in different positions. I came back one time and they had gone. They were big signs too.
Unless you are going to take them off everytime, which becomes a chore, they will go walkies.

Now have permanent sign written vans, feel the benefits far out weigh the draw backs.
Insurance companies give a discount for a sign written van too.

spent this weekend sign writing my van . had the van a month now with no sign writing so be good to get it back on


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