a bloke i know has had his lock up broken into last night, he had a 7.5 tonner parked across the doors, they broke into his lorry and started it up to move it out the way then broke into his unit then broke open a massive van vault and stole all of his chain saws, strimmers and all of his climbing gear, even his 2 stroke oil, he has 3 blokes working for him, he had no insurance so has lost every thing and 3 blokes out of work and will now probably loose the contracts he has unless he can afford to replace his tools

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That is depressing to say the least...they really wanted his kit ! I've had a taste of having your kit nicked and it's not one I would want to repeat..when you bust your mahooochas off week in week out to earn a crust having vermin having your kit away is a very personal thing !

Hope he has a bit of good fortune and hangs in there



What area of the country was this?

Hope they catch them and can them

andover, hampshire

this happened just outside of andover where there is about 12 units, all of them where broken into but his was the only one who had his tools knicked, they have security gates at the front of the entrance with camaras but they came in across the fields and through 2 fences

Paving & Landscape Co. said:

This makes me mad as hell.

I'm assuming this happened in Hampshire/Surrey?? With the lock up in the middle of no where, so they made a fair amount of noise??  

Question we'd all be asking, what could have been done to prevent this from happening? A guard dog prehaps?

A very loud alarm..multilple ones maybe?? smoke canisters??


bloody terrible, hope they catch the scum, but they don't often do. too busy handing out speeding tickets.

Hope he gets himself set up again soon!



In Andover during the past 2 weeks a friend of mine has had his house burgled, they took TVs, games consoles, cars and the kids xmas presents. Another friend had a cement mixer stolen from a job in Andover (East Portway), he had left it unattended for 10mins!

where are the thieves selling this stuff -  when no-one has any spare money???????????       even £70 for an old stihl saw , people will think a while as cost of living is so much & no work !!! ??

Alot of them seem to use it as cowboys in whichever trade they robbed that day as they "travelled" through the area.


Round Leeds you often get the Door to Door "tree work" "Local landscape services" etc from the travelling community as they pass through the area.

Their visits usually coincide with a wave of tradesmen being cleared out of their equiptment. I suppose its the same warning as usual - Make you stuff as secure as possible and keep it out of sight.
Gardens4u.co.uk said:

where are the thieves selling this stuff -  when no-one has any spare money???????????       even £70 for an old stihl saw , people will think a while as cost of living is so much & no work !!! ??

Not good.

So what methods do you good folks use to help prevent theft? I was quite interested in this


as one method to help with the retrieval of property.

i agree with marking your tools but it doesnt matter how they are marked, if someone is going to nick them and just sell them on then they are not going to be bothered if the tools are marked or not, the thiething little fuc-ers are going to take them no matter what

dont get me wrong but i know loads of travelers and its not always them, but it is so easy to blame them and make them the scape goats, you could quite easily blame the druggies and smackheads they need to get money to feed their habbits

Having had mowers to chainsaws stolen from the vans before I have found that the police take the view that as these are small value items you should be able to swallow the cost of replacing them or claim off your insurance which is not always the case!

In some cases as a result of their gear being stolen can and has resulted in the persons business folding - unfortunately the other view police have is that if they catch the person(s) with the gear at best they can only charge them with handling stolen goods and even then they get little if any punishment.


I wonder when the police will start treating these crimes as serious and backed up by tough court sentences including those who purchase cheap stolen gear for pennies in the pound rather than the current lip service we get.


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