Hi guys just a quick question, what is the going rate on removing a stump using a stump grinder and what methods for calculating the rate, i am currently charging £1.50 per square inch and i measure from the top of the stump not the base like some other companies do ?



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Hi Benjamin,

I don't use a rate per square inch or anything similar for our stump grinding service.

As you are aware some wood grinds easier than others, some has concrete and bars in it, some people want it just below the ground 12" or so for turfing over and others want all the roots chased out of the lawn aswell.

Some sites you take the waste grindings away and on others they are happy to do it themselves.

For this reason I calculate our service costs on a time on site and equipment used, rather than calculating it by the square anything.

I know this isn't much help, but this way the client gets exactly what they want from our service as we are not rushed, we can board out the lawn to get the kit in with out damaging etc, rather than a quick in and out as there isn't any money in the job.

hi pete interesting stump grinding machine you have got what is the model and is it remote controlled ?

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