RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME BY A  50 YR OLD male ,dark hair - leather jacket/jeans  5ft 10"  ginger beard .   Toyota Previa P reg ,  dark brown/near black colour,  back left brake light light not working / dirty vehicle.   

drove up behind into parking area for flats , sliding door passenger stole blower /ear-defenders & drove off right past me as i was moving my mower. !!    they are driving round targeting any workmen / tools & equipment.


police informed .


- note :  if it looks dodgy , it probably is !!   


insure , but better still   lock up , watch , put in van / alarm & tag trailers / ride-ons etc etc ---



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This is exactly what happened to us in the spring. A crew cab tipper stolen from the driveway by someone of eastern european origin. NFU paid up but told me never again if we leave the keys in the ignition!

Cost to us was about £6000 in lost time, voluntary excess and the extra we had to pay for a replacement.

A tree surgeon friend of mine was recently working on his own one saturday. Whilst up the tree a car stopped, 3 guys quickly unhitched the chipper from his van and onto their car and drove off. my friend dangling helplessly watching from above. These guys are cheeky and obviously don't give a **** about anybody.

The guy who took the tipper had been hanging around all week so they are also patient and observant. If you are regularly working in an area I suggest extra vigilance




Colin Hunt said:

About 10 years ago, we had our truck driven out of a garden and away while we were working the other side of it - 6' away! Phoned police as it was going up the road with the tailboard flapping and they intercepted the toe rag 5 miles away. 2 hours later we had it back.  Lesson learned - don't leave your keys in the ignition........EVER!




Have been in college this week, who also have had a load of stuff nicked. Now all their saws, strimmers etc have the college name and postcode melted into the plastic body (not a removable cover) with a sldering iron. Doing mine tonight....

2 years ago went from the front to the back for a moment, when I returned , Honda strimmer and blower gone £500 just like that.

Totally different mindset now. No matter what the reason, such as customer saying "can you spare a minute to look at this"  I will not leave my gear out of my sight. For me it took some discipline as I am always rushing and it just slows one down.  But not £500 pounds worth of slow plus the hassle of being without the missing equipment.

So I now move gear around in stages so that I can always see all of it all of the time, plus locking the vehicle all of the time even if its at the end of a very long drive,  My caution is almost to the point of being paranoid but that is the way you can feel when it costs a lot of money and having the mindset that you are never going to let the scum bags profit from your hard work again.

Scum bags mate,

Hope they are caught and kit returned. Have had Stihl strimmer and a chainsaw nicked from van in the past. Police said they 'thought they might know who had done it and would have a word'.

Astonishing. Must be terrifying being a criminal these days!

The police would no doubt have a word , get them to write a letter of remorse, and the world is a better place and we can all sleep soundly in our beds.

As you get older you get more disillusioned with our justice system.

i think he scared them off !     i only had a claw hammer , if police had said they were not coming eventually id have driven after them and crashed into them to stop ............

Paving & Landscape Co. said:

If the thieves were in your line of sight, you'd want to go 'bang bang' like they do in America.


Green-fingered homeowners are being warned to secure their sheds and garages as British summertime brings a spike in theft from the great outdoors.

Analysis of 10 years of claims data from Aviva reveals that burglaries in gardens and outbuildings leap by more than 25 per cent when the clocks go forward, with the average haul totalling around £850.

The insurer said 42 per cent of thefts last summer were for power tools, including electric drills, planers and saws, while 39 per cent were for simple hand tools like spades, shovels, rakes and forks.

However, 19 per cent of items stolen included electric and petrol lawnmowers, chainsaws and ladders, according to the study.

Thefts from outside the home start to increase as evenings get lighter at the beginning of March, with a 10 per cent increase compared with the dark nights of January, Aviva’s analysis suggests.

Peter Ketteringham, household underwriting manager, said: “Extra hours of sunlight are obviously very welcome after months of darkness, but it also means that your expensive power tools, bikes and golf clubs are more visible than ever to a passing thief.”

Source: http://www.myfinances.co.uk/insurance/2012/03/12/garden-crime-rocke...

One of my clients had her window boxes stolen sunday early monday from clapham area of london, as mothers day coming up they are going to be prime targets.

My client was very upset she loved them.

good grief! What is happening to the world?


its suprising how many of us leave our keys in the van or leave doors unlocked, i have a habit of doing it all the time, what more alarming is 1 year down the line some tries to sell you the thing back !

Sorry to hear this Robin, I hear of this type of thing so often. I hope you are insured and the thieves are caught!

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