had a busy day yesterday ,one hell of a backache this morning

treated 1800m2 lawn ,wetting agent ,feed topseed 8ton top dressing  knacked

took 15t bags of thatch out after scarifying

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Dry ground, working in t-shirts, not the north west Uk I bet

Job looks good.

Norwich weather looks good but drizzle on and of all bloody day

brushed lawn with tractor to remove water before applying

T shirt ,thats because its hard work pulling the drag nets lol

GL Services said:

Nice to see a lute in one of the photos.
brushed ,drag net luted
yes always a better finish worth the hard work

Is that Baileys top dressing you used and if so what grade was it ?


Used some of their stuff a couple of weeks ago. It was very good gear but with hindsight a bit too fine for what i wanted.

Yes Baileys Olympian mix £94. + vat

top soil, added Kiln dried sand then sterilised

used on alot of sports pitches and golf greens

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