I am going to start a gadening club at my daughters primary school next week. We have had a really ethusiastic response with 25 kids keen to join (this is about 25% of the school!) We have little funds and are really keen to keep it free. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how to get cheap or even free resources? I have just sent off letters to local garden centres with a list of what we need. Just wondered if there was anything else I could do. Oh, I have also put an ad on freecycle.org.


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Hi Niko - this might be of interest:



Hi Niko

You might find this helpful - A Weekly Guide to School Gardening Club Activities
Would your local council be able to help? local recycling centre could be able to give you some soil conditioner/compost if you ask them nicely? Though recycling plastic containers from home with drainage holes put in could work also.
check out the gumtree in your local area on the web
Felicity Waters said:
check out the gumtree and craigslist in your local area on the web
also had another thought you could get people to donate things they don't want and sell on eBay to raise money
I have few ideas for you and also might be able to supply at cost few planters/ raised beds and planting material.

If you can contact me
tel 01630 673860
We quoted for the design of a scheme at a local school earlier this year, where the school were going to grow fruit and veg and sell it to the local community. To pay for this they were applying for a grant from http://www.localfoodgrants.org/

They were looking for funding in the region of £30k.
Hello Niko, Well done for starting a gardening club at your school, I think it is great for children to learn about growing things. I wouldn't be a landscape gardener and designer now if it wern't for my 'garden upbringing'. Contact the Royal Horticultural Society, they are trying to encourage school gardening with a range of initiatives. Maybe contact Garden News, the weekly gardening paper and ask them for more points of contact. I have built raised beds for my two ,local primary schools without any labour charge and it's great to see the children making use of them, both schools have gardening clubs.
Does the scholl have a green house?
where abouts is the school?
nope, no greenhouse. we are really short on space as there will be some building work next year where they are going to build new classrooms. The School is surrounded by roads and has nowhere to expand to and so their outdoor space is being eaten up. they have a playing field that has to be rented from a local, which the children have to go through a tunel under the road to reach. We are going to ask the feild owner if we can build some raised beds for veg (with lots of fence, net and wire to keep the bunnies out!).

Kieran Ray said:
Does the scholl have a green house?

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