I am hoping that a garden designer on here might be able to suggest a plant for a tricky spot please? The spot is at the back of a large crescent shaped rockery that I recently removed a huge Phormium from, it is a focal point in the garden and catches the prevailing SW wind. It is also a couple of miles from the coast with nothing between it and the sea. The plant doesn't need to flower but the customer would like it to look interesting all year round. I thought about a Chinese Wind Palm but then realised that it would quickly become tatty in the windy conditions. Oh and there is a septic tank within 12 foot! 

Thanks is advance.

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If you want a small tree I have used Phillyrea with success in similar situations , although you may have problems sourcing one.
Other large shrubs I like
Hippophae , the sea buckthorn is ideal and I love its orange berries in winter but it's a marmite plant not everyones favourite!
Escallonias do well and flower, any of the Hollies ( there are some nice ones) and of course Tamarix ( which I don't like )

Hope that helps a bit

How about an Agave a great architectural plant, its really stand out and great just by itelf. ?

you'll find this link to the RHS website helpful, lots of proven suggestions


Having recently supplied plants to a whole Village on the coast, The Olympic Village at Portland, we can offer the following suggestions.

Garrya, Lavandula, Cistus, Hippophae, Escallonia, Santolina, Hebe, Tamarix, Penstemon, Verbena, Amelanchier & Rosmarinus.

Tree wise - Sorbus, Acer campestre, Pyrus chanticleer, Quercus ilex.

Hope this is of help.

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply everyone, I'll have a look at them all.


An Olive tree!  Perfect focal plant, wind and salt tolerant.


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