I had an interesting conversation this morning with a lady from The Garden Shop Catalogue (I think I have the title right it will become clear later).

I joined their group on Linked in last week thinking there might be something there to interest me. Someone posted a request for information regarding hand made arches and garden structures so I posted a reply saying I might be able to help, I say posted, I tried to post it but it didn’t make it onto the comments as it was being held back by the moderator it seems.

To return to the conversation with said lady earlier,

Lady, “You posted a comment”

Me, “Yes that’s right but it doesn’t seem to have made it onto the discussion”

Lady “ The group is for advertisers in The Garden Shop catalogue it is an advantage for them in advertising with us, would you like to advertise with us”

Me, “no thanks, how is me replying to a discussion disadvantaging your advertisers?”

Lady, ”It is just for people who advertise with us to comment”

Me, “ I can’t understand the problem, I use other networking sites The Landscape Juice Network, The Garden Network and it isn’t a problem for them, I have my own network site for garden centres where they can post photos, videos of their garden centres, link to their website all free of charge, so how am I disadvantaging your advertisers?”

Lady, “When you want to advertise with us please get in touch”

End of conversation.

That was a brief synopsis of our conversation.

Please correct me if I am wrong I believe it costs nothing to set up a linked in group so what advantages are they offering the nineteen members who have signed up so far.

Anyway perhaps this thread will help publicise their linked in group and gain them one or two more members, you won’t however find me on there I have been removed, which is a little short sighted as I am beginning to sell a few other products on my seriousgardener website and I might have found those products through that group.

I might even eventually have been interested in advertising with them as I do with LJN.

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The Workshop was delivered by Mark Stonham of Wurlwind http://www.linkedin.com/company/wurlwind knows his stuff.

Thanks Stephen, I will see if he does anything up this way.

Stephen Kennard said:

The Workshop was delivered by Mark Stonham of Wurlwind http://www.linkedin.com/company/wurlwind knows his stuff.

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