Hi, my names Will and i'm based in the Midlands- Shrewsbury to be exact.

 I've been landscaping now for approx 14 years, working for a couple of local companies as a labourer first,  learning on the job, then about 6 years ago i started out by myself.

I will admit it was very hard at first, the competition here is quiet fierce so i had a bit of trouble  getting 'on the scene' so to speak. However i persevered and did quite well, most of my projects were through word of mouth.

Work then ground to a halt during the last recession and i found it a lot easier to groundwork for construction companies- all i needed to do was turn up for work: as we all know, the amount of hours a landscape business puts into prospective site visits, quote work, as well as the advertising aspect= a lot more than the average 45 hours actually on site working.

I have now returned to the private sector since i love the interaction of meeting the customer, discussing what exactly they are looking for and then making their project come to life. I have actually designed my own website now ( was a bit of a technophobe) and whilst looking for ways to increase my SEO, came across an article suggesting joining Forums related to my area of business. 

Hence, that is the reason how i found this site. I have read a couple of articles on the forum here, checked out some members profiles and realized that this is an aspect of my life that has been missing for a while- the ability to read and talk about my chosen area with people in the same field (pardon the pun). The girlfriend has no interest in my work -she is a council pen pusher, so hopefully i will be able to have some chats on here, learn some stuff and be able to pass on some info as well. 

Anyways, i've rambled on enough for now, i hope to chat to you all at some point in the future. 

Regards, Will.

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Hi Gaynor, thanks for the welcome- iv'e had a quick look at your site and congratulations on your awards! fingers crossed on a third year of success. I'm up late due to quoting too, i have however become sidetracked by this site and am having a good look now, luckily i have 3 days off between projects so can afford to give my back a bit of rest and have a good peek and see what this site is about. 

I look forward to meeting more members soon.

Hello Will, welcome to LJN, there's lots of good people on here, we're a friendly bunch. I hope you enjoy the site!



Hi Will

we are also shrewsbury ish based give us a call if we can help on any projects.

regards Chris

Hi Chris,

i'll send you a pm, thanks,Will

Hiya Will welcome to the site :) Yasmin 

Hi Will

I hope you are enjoying the site and finding it useful?

There's a lot of very useful info on here and very knowledgeable people; also feel free to add anything you feel might be of use to others.

Kind regards


Hi Will

Welcome onboard m8

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