Profile images are automatically cropped and reduced to 183px by 183px and then centred, when uploaded into your page.


This causes a problem if the profile image you are uploading has its width greater than its height because the software automatically crops the image so it is square.

(in the illustration right you can see how a wide image is cropped out and in this case both ends of the words are chopped off).


If your business logo is wide then you'll need to crop it as close to its width as possible and then add white space above and below so that its height is equal to its width.


I hope that makes some sense?


If anyone gets really stuck then add your image below or pop it in a comment to me and I'll knock it in to shape for you.

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Phil, I had a problem with this my head was cut off, did you re-adjust it ???
No Bridgett

Hi Phil, I've tried to add white space but not quite sure how to do this.


Hi David

Try this...

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