Has anyone else noticed conifers and lleylandii dying recently? I think a lot of it is due to the lack of rainfall we've had recently but just curiosity more than anything as to what's going on with them recently in your area. Have noticed quite a few have gone over the last week.

Also does anyone have any idea of microscopic aphid attacking conifers. I've been dealing with this today and somebody from a nursery advised my customer that this has just started in the uk. There's nothing to give it away no honey fungus or anything, it just dies off in places but other parts of the conifer look really healthy. I looked under the brown needles and theres black dots under them. However, even with a magnifying glass it's too small to see.

I'm having a bit of a conifer week.

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Aphids are definitely a problem and affect some of the conifers in my maintenance rounds.

Control is possible by applying a systemic insecticide in the spring (in the domestic market "Provado Vine Weevil Killer" applied as a drench) as well as pruning at the appropriate time of year.
Yes, I've seen a bit of this the last year or two - go to the RHS website, they're doing a study on conifer dieback currently and they've reported some findings. Some conifer aphid impact but also a suggestion that autumn trimming may be an issue?
we have seen a lot of die-back in the last 4 or so years.sometimes taking a whole section of hedge.we have seen it most on very tight cropped hedges,very dense hedges, could it be a lack of air circulation around the plant?we have seen mildew deposits and aphids on affected plants.
i think ill go and google.................
if the die back looks orange/brown, chances are it is the fungus Phytopthera possibly a new one, but affects trees when mature and quickly kills them. It might be P. nemorum but you would need an expert to confirm it. As far as I know there is no cure.

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