Does anyone else ache after a few days of full on gardening? Any tips to over come this or am i just a bit on the worn out side now. When i first started my business 8 years ago i was fine. Also does everyone else have really dry hands all the time. This is probably a really girly question to ask, but hey it is one i have always wanted to know the answer to.

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steve loftus said:
im off to hospital next week for the carpal tunnel op,then 4-6 weeks off,yeah right!! ,then need to get the other done.

I had both my hands done at once for the carpal tunnel (under a general as im too squeamish).... I took just 2 weeks off, but would really suggest you take as long as you can. Although the outside of the tissue heals well, it took months before i had proper use of my hands back, and my grip is still somewhat weak after 7 months.

All in though, im glad I had it done.

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