I am studying Landscape Architecture and my main module I will be working towards is about sustainable tourism.
To help me with my work, I have created a questionnaire. I am collecting he responses to compile a report for my work. It is about places - favourite to most disliked or from love to hate.

I explain everything else in the beginning of the survey.

I would be grateful if members could complete the survey. You can do it as many times as you like as long as you havea favourite place, be it a country to a region even down to a bench where you eat your lunch in a building complex!

Once I have gathered together enough responses, I will get the report together. Anyone interested can have a copy of the summary.

Everyone who takes the survey remains anonymous unless they state their name/contact details at the end. So far I have had a good response from many people from many backgrounds.

If youre interested in helping me out the please go to the link below (click or copy and paste).
Remember, it is a serious survey so no sarcasm or smut please!!

Thanks for reading this and hope you can help!



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As long as you post your writing about this when done on here. Would be interesting.
Hi Andrew
Thanks for your response
Yes, of course! I will publish the findings on here in summary form as the whole thing will be a long report.
If anyone has any questions about the survey or about my work then I would be happy to answer.
Thanks to people who have already responded.

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