Does anyone else ache after a few days of full on gardening? Any tips to over come this or am i just a bit on the worn out side now. When i first started my business 8 years ago i was fine. Also does everyone else have really dry hands all the time. This is probably a really girly question to ask, but hey it is one i have always wanted to know the answer to.

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I do occasionally get dry hands but have found a really good remedy - start keeping house rabbits! When I'm grooming my oldest rabbit, I have found that the rough skin on my hands works just as well as a brush. Rabbits also have a lanolin gland at the back of their neck so when I've been grooming him for 15 minutes my hands are much less dry.

As for the aches? Try a really hot (as hot as you can take it) radox bath.
I've suffered lower back pain and odd aches for decades - nothing to bad but irritating at times and a reminder of advancing years. As Andrew says the hot bath is good - with or without Radox but most effective for me was Aspirin at night to ensure a comfortable nights sleep - I say was because this is a something of a warning just in case anyone becomes reliant on Aspirin as I was; there are dangers.

A few weeks a go I was rushed into hospital with bleeding duodenal ulcers ( I was unaware of a developing problem) and once I mentioned my use of Aspirin the doctors 'found it' lights came on and now after blood transfusions, lots of Iron tablets and an Aspirin free diet I am perfectly well again.

OK, I knew Aspirin and other anti-inflammatories could cause stomach irriation but I was only taking one or two at night - seemingly, that's all it takes......lesson learned.

In the past I might have recommended Aspirin for aches and pains - but not now.
Hi Richard

I was aware that Aspirin is an anticoagulant and will stop blood from clotting which makes a haemorrhage all the more tricky to deal with.

I think there are some heart and stroke sufferers who take warfarin to keep their blood fluid and free from clots.

What I did not realise that Warfarin is a naturally occurring chemical - you might find this article interesting - A Short History and Useful Factoids about Warfarin (Coumadin)
After falling out of a tree a few years ago, i now suffer from neck,shoulder and back problems especially in the cold,damp conditions, i find deep heat and radox helkps ease the pain
I can spend a long time in the office, drawing plans etc.. then have an intense spurt of planting gardens. Always ache and feel that this spasmodic activity is not good for the old bones!

Have found a FANTASTIC Osteopath. Regular visits ensures that the old bones are where they should be. Don't suffer from so many headaches either. It is expensive, but you get a massage before the bone crunching starts, it's well worth it. I leave the table two inches higher and pain free.
If you do by chance manage to pull a muscle in your back, Deep Heat warming pads are amazing for getting you back to work in only a couple of days. I pulled a muscle in my back one morning a couple of years ago - by sneezing of all things - and the heat pads got me back to work with only about a day or two off. You can find them in boots or in most pharmacies in the bigger supermarkets (my Sainsburys stock them).

As for gloves, I almost always wear them while gardening and have found that the latex or nitrile coated gloves are fantastic for dexterity and don't cause any irritation. I've managed to find some quite inexpensive ones which you can order my bulk from a company called ProTek Direct. They're quite robust for the type of glove - some of the cheaper ones can fall apart after a couple of weeks - but these ones seem to be quite good.

Actually Phil, is there any chance you could negotiate a deal with them for LJ members?
Thank you everyone, I have always wondered if everyone suffered the same old aches and pains as me and i now i dont feel anywhere near as weak and feeble now. I do try and wear gloves but invariably they end up wet in our fabulous climate. I used to wear the latex ones which were great as you can still pick out all the fine weeds without huge clumps of mud, but over use has now caused them to irritate my skin. My daughter thought it was a great idea to get a rabbit to stroke, but the dog is getting a little more stroking so i shall see how that goes. Will also look into ProTek diresct aswell.
Will try the radox bath after tomorrows day of labour.
On a slightly more practical note, you might find the Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners line of products help with the dry hands. They do a very good hand recovery moisturiser. Also, the gloves which I recommended are cotton which is then couted with latex or nitrile so they're nowhere near as bad for causing allergic reactions as the powdered latex disposable ones.
Try Norwegian formula hand cream for dry hands, seems to work a treat. The girlfriend is always complaining about my rough hands.. Does this mean i'm in touch with my femanine side !!
Perhaps. But it could mean that Norwegian Formula doesn't work! Try application and sleeping in white cotton gloves and be truly femanine.
im off to hospital next week for the carpal tunnel op,then 4-6 weeks off,yeah right!! ,then need to get the other an RSI i can claim loss of earnings for my time off,maybe also claim industrial injuries benefit (i think not),but previous employers beware,the insurance companies will trace your work history,to try and lighten their payout.
if you are self employed,do make sure you have insurance cover for lost earnings.
i have in the past ,bought my lads,Vaseline intensive care cream for hands and face ,wind burn/chill on the face and split skin around the nails,stings. i have also supplied sun cream,duty of care and all that malarkey.
i have a leaking aortic valve,2x carpal tunnel and 2x degenerative discs..........,keep on working i say,radox is all in the and cold a good soak in the bath.

Have you tried using industrial barrier cream before work. For your dry hands.

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