Following my mention of this last night at the Skype chat I thought I would let you all in on the "secret" that is resin jointing systems. One benefit of huge interest to the industry is that the polymeric sand joints allow water through to the sub grade and thereby assist greatly with drainage.

We have used several products before finding "the one". The problem is that polymerics have had a bad press because there were competitors who took their products to market when they did not have the science sorted.

We use a range called GftK (a German company) whose sole UK distributor is NCC based in Lancashire -

The polymeric sand is our choice for residential patio installations however for smaller setts or cobbles the epoxy resin simply cannot be touched. You can joint 10m2 of cobbles in about 15 minutes, including mixing up the resin!

Our local building supplier Jubilee Building Supplies have nailed their colours to the mast after our recommendation and are now acting as a distributor for NCC. It is only a matter of time before the larger builders merchants have to sit up and take notice.

GftK has been used for 10 years plus in Germany and their feedback is all positive. It has also been specified for large installations in the UK such as the marketplace in Newark.

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Very interesting, but very expensive.

Whats the benefit of this method as opposed to just installing new drainage gulleys at a fraction of the cost?
The draining effect of the polymeric sand is actually a side effect that has an added benefit. We use the mortars because they allow us to finish jobs quicker at a cost benefit to the customer. The labour saving is so good that even the cost of the product does not impinge on the overall budget.

I agree that the new SUDS regulations for permeable paving could have been avoided if drainage installations were required for all driveways. Unfortunately from October there will be no option for contractors to use their experience and discretion and permeable will be the only way without planning permission.

The epoxy resin hardens and sets permanently and is trafficable within a few hours. This means that town centres etc have less "downtime" from installation.

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