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Downloadable business documents & templates

Below is a list of customisable templates you can download to use in your business. Make sure that you review and modify the detail to suit…

Started by Landscape Juice in DocumentsLatest Reply

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Straight lines; Going eco-friendly; Saltex visitor numbers - LJN Newsletter

From the Landscape Juice Network Commercial contract tenders Where do you look if you want to add a few commercial contracts to you…

Started by Phil Voice in NewsletterLatest Reply

Work mobile and personal mobile?

Hi everyone, Interested to see what people do and what works for them. I use my personal mobile phone and number for work. Emails go strai…

Started by Daniel Lampard in LandscapingLatest Reply

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Dead patches after weed and feed what to do

I've got a fair few customers who tried to weed and feed there lawns and its got rid of the weeds but killed quite a few areas and it hasn'…

Started by Mitchel ingham in General Thread

10 6 minutes ago
Reply by Ben Marshall

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money or your life? Safety first another sad story - safety first

Started by in General Thread

2 16 minutes ago
Reply by Ben Marshall

Tea or coffee?

Slightly light heartedly I ask the question? Why? Well yesterday I "did" six gardens and wasn't offered a thing. No biggie but today so far…

Started by Andy in General Thread

4 20 minutes ago
Reply by Ben Marshall

Deck-oil slip hazard, or just another example of why builders shouldn't be let loose in a garden??

A regular client of mine recently decided to get his builders to treat his hardwood deck. They used a tinted water-based stain, and althoug…

Started by Sam Moon in General Thread

0 21 minutes ago

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Landscaper employment opportunity with Kirman Design

Kirman Designs is looking for a skilled, professional, motivated and enthusiastic Landscaper with experience, and good customer service ski…

Started by Landscape Engine in Jobs

0 29 minutes ago

Marketing a landscaping or gardening business.

Hi Guys / Girls. As some of you know, I'm a marketing consultant, and have been lurking here as I'm writing a book on the subject of market…

Started by Stuart in Business

10 4 hours ago
Reply by Robbie

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better ranking on google help

anyone got any advice on getting my website higher u on google searches. say keywords like gardener chesterfield or landscape gardener ches…

Started by Mitchel ingham in General Thread

22 5 hours ago
Reply by Stuart

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London Work

Morning, one of my clients has tasked me with finding someone to tank a lift shaft at a development in london. I know its not landscaping b…

Started by James Brett in Business

0 5 hours ago

charging for weedkilling?

Hi chaps/chapesses. As some may know im quite new to this business ( started march this year). I have done my pa1/6 and need some advice re…

Started by adrian in General Thread

13 6 hours ago
Reply by Robbie

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A shortage of bricklayers causes hourly rate to surge

"Now, as builders take on new work, the shortage of skilled tradespeople has allowed bricklayers and other subcontractors to ramp up their…

Started by Phil Voice in Landscaping

5 6 hours ago
Reply by Phil Voice


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